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JOSH PYKE & BOB EVANS @ Urban Orchard

joshpykebobevansImagine this: two Kegs on either side of the stage; this to most would be an early indicator of a good night. This set the theme for the evening, which had the intimacy of a bunch of friends at a Sunday afternoon barbecue rather than a large stage festival concert.

To someone with no knowledge of either Josh Pyke or Bob Evans it would be impossible to know they hadn’t spent their whole lives performing together. Their chemistry is undeniable as is their ability to perform each other’s songs as if they were their own.

One of the songs, which managed to receive a roar from the audience, was The Summer, one of Pykes biggest hits. This was the first hit to get the audience moving with a few punters dancing along whilst others mouthed the lyrics quietly.

Bob Evans (aka Kevin Mitchell) was incredibly excited by the fact the biggest rock band in the world right now, Tame Impala is fronted by another “Kev” (Kevin Parker). Josh chose to correct him by saying that he probably should’ve chosen to talk about the fact the band where from Perth.

Other than their musical chemistry their on stage banter is next level, they’re incredibly entertaining and natural, something which isn’t incredibly common in the live music scene these days.

Half way through the performance Pyke declared that there set had been muddled up by the 10pm curfew meaning they couldn’t have their usual toilet break.


The fairy lights lining Evan’s guitar added a festive touch to the performance but also highlighted the style of both Evans and Pyke. They also perfectly complimented those lining the venue. Evans ability to play both his guitar and harmonica in perfect unison was mesmerising.

When Don’t You Think it’s Time sung out, a classic of Evans’, the audience where transfixed and more excited than they had been all night. The performance was flawless, Evans even used the harmonica to perfectly replicate the song and possibly create an even better version.

The crowd was relaxed and laid back quietly enjoying the sounds sweeping over them. Although there wasn’t a huge presence, those there were thoroughly entertained throughout the performance. A couple of fans where particularly transfixed with multiple examples of interpretive dance present in front of the stage.

The entire night was faultless, everything from the banter, acoustics, vocals and music. The Urban Orchard was the perfect location to compliment the voices of Evans and Pyke and also perfectly matched their relaxed vibe.


Photos by Claudia Moore

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