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JONI IN THE MOON’s House Burns Down: You Can Help


A GoFundMe campaign has been set up for award-winning Perth singer Joni Hogan, best known as vocalist for local outfit Joni In The Moon, and her partner Toby Mack after their house burned down in the early hours of Wednesday, January 18.

Dimity Magnus, singer with fellow Perth outfit She Leaves The Mountain is behind the campaign. “Thankfully, all of the kids were away and Joni and Toby managed to get out of the housefire safely,” Ms Magnus said.

Reportedly, damage is estimated at $400,000 and the couple didn’t have insurance. But the community has gotten behind the Go Fund Me Campaign with over $12,000 already raised towards the target of $15,000. You can also help by jumping on the links below, contributing funds and any household items you were probably never going to get around to getting rid of on Gumtree anyway.

Joni Hogan performing in Joni In The Moon


Joni in the Moon are previous winners in the Pop category of WAM Song of the Year for their excellent, thought provoking single War and Porn. Listen to it below.

Facebook friends of Joni and Toby have also been encouraged to share the following post:

Our beloved Joni and Toby’s family home burned down early morning on Wednesday the 18th of January. Thankfully all of the kids were away and Joni and Toby managed to get out of the housefire safely. We are in the process of gathering support and here are two ways you can help:

Join this page to consolidate our Aid

Offer a Financial Contribution to the relief fund

Most Importantly
3.) Copy and Paste this message in a private message or email and send it to friends of Joni and Toby.

Thankyou for your help
Much Love and Gratitude

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