Joni In The Moon

JoniSorrow Trees


After eight years of stillness, Joni Hogan has returned. Alongside her brother Josh, the pair have released an LP that stands out amongst the pack. Merging Josh’s outstanding percussion skills and Joni’s beautiful voice into an incredible composition, the 28 minutes that is Sorrow Trees will take you on a unique journey between flutes, harps, strings, percussion and melodies, highlighting the weaknesses of modern releases. With only five main tracks, and three interludes, the LP exemplifies the strength of releasing a moderate amount of perfect songs over releasing mass amounts of imperfect filler.

If there’s one thing Joni Hogan shines at, it is her knowledge of song structure. With slow, melodic builds into intense and emotionally driven choruses; songs like Yellow Moon and Dove Song become instant catches. However, it is Li’l Star that is the highlight of Joni In The Moon’s debut LP, with haunting violins, a mystic, atmospheric vibe and a pumping, bass-driven chorus; the Hogan siblings have composed an electric and energetic anthem. Joni In The Moon have shown developing artists how it is done, composing musical masterpieces and driving vocal melodies.