John Legend


Love In The Future


Simple and sophisticated, heartfelt and feel-good, Love In The Future is one of those rare love albums that doesn’t come across as cheesy and contrived – though the sheer number of times the word ‘love’ is mentioned throughout the album would baffle even the most jaded professor of theoretical mathematics.

The songs have been stripped back in a painfully meticulous manner, drawing on those mythical roots of golden era R&B. Of course, certain songs, such as Save The Night, do carry the taint of pointless over-production, which, as a dedicated hater, I’m blaming on executive producer, Kanye West; and as long as we’re here, Rick Ross collaboration, Who Do We Think We Are, is bland and ponderous and should be scrapped. The album features about four billion songs, and while one should never badmouth an album for having too much content, the theme does begin to wear thin towards the end.

All that aside, John Legend has found his jam and absolutely rocked it in this album.

 Rating: 4 stars