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JJ SCISSOR The underground sound

JJ Scissor
Jake Suriano (Hideous Sun Demon/Kitchen People) has just released his first single under his solo moniker JJ Scissor. Underground Love is a scuzzed out slice of surf-punk and the first taste of his upcoming EP Never Surfed and I Never Will, due to be released soon.

The track was recorded at home to four-track cassette by Alex Patching (Pissed Colas/ Aborted Tortoise), who also played drums and mixed the upcoming EP. The track sets the tone for the full release, toying with a variety of influences from 70’s punk, power pop and surf-rock centred around the messiness and angst of modern love. Mastering was done to tape by Broderick-Madden Scott’s (Tunafish Recording Co.) studio in Fremantle and features cover art by Taylah (Delicate Welfare).

Listen to Underground Love on Soundcloud and Bandcamp now.

Underground Love

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