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JINA LEE Sculpture By The Sea

Jina LeeRunning at Cottesloe Beach from March 6 – 23, Sculpture By The Sea is an incredible showcase for local, national and international artists – including Korean-born, Perth-based Jina Lee, whose work will comprise part of the annual outdoor exhibition. TRAVIS JOHNSON checks in.


What’s your background?

I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to Perth in 2013. I studied at Kookmin University where I completed a Masters Of Fine Art majoring in Sculpture.


How did you decide that sculpture was your medium?

I decided to choose sculpture as my medium when I was studying at an Art High School in South Korea. I remember the first time I worked with marble, I developed instant connection with the material. Since that moment, I have been strictly working with stone.


What themes do you like to address in your work?

I like to focus on the ‘connection’ of things in our world, ranging from physics to plant life. Everything on this earth is connected and the functions influence and depend on one another. As humans we tend to forget about the small things that make our existence possible, and I aim to remind people and help them reconnect with the earth through my art.


How would you describe your style?

All my pieces aim to maintain an organic form and natural balance while representing uniqueness. Primarily, I employ chiselling and polishing techniques when carving stone, with the purpose of creating a difference in colour and texture.


What have you created for Sculpture By The Sea?

I have carved a 1m high x 1.5 m wide x 1.2m deep white marble sculpture, and it is called Atom. It represents the ongoing creation and destruction of energy, with particular focus on ‘the moment of the beginning’ and ‘the moment of the end’.


What’s coming up in the future for you?

I have a few outdoor sculpture exhibitions coming up. I am completing new work for Melville Sculpture Walk at Deep Water Point in Mount Pleasant and will also be exhibiting my award winning sculpture Harmony at Sculpture At Bathers in Fremantle.



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