JIMMY EAT WORLD Finally, a Download Fest side show

WA is finally getting a Download Festival side show, and it’s a big one. All American power pop outfit and one of the defining bands of emo punk circa 2001, Jimmy Eat World return to Australia next March in celebration of their recently released 10th studio album, Surviving. With only three headline shows throughout the country, WA fans can get their fix at Metropolis Fremantle on Monday, March 16.

It may be a long time since their split 7″ with Jebediah from 2000, but dammit if 2001 classic album Bleed American doesn’t sound just as good or better than it did 18 years ago.

Coming three years after 2016’s Integrity Blues, latest LP Surviving has been called Jimmy Eat World’s most personal, ambitious album to date. With 25 years and 10 albums so far, frontman Jim Adkins remains one of the most relatable songwriters in rock and roll.

Together with bandmates Rick Burch, Tom Linton and Zach Lind, expect Jimmy Eat World’s hard-rocking melodies and killer lyrics on favourites such as Bleed American, The Middle, Sweetness, Pain, I Will Steal You Back, Always Be, Sure and Certain and more.

Surviving is out now. Jimmy Eat World play Metropolis Fremantle on Monday, March 16. Tickets on sale next Monday, December 9 from