JEBEDIAH State Of The Art


Jebediah are one of the headliners on State Of The Art on Monday, June 6, at Elizabeth Quay. Guitarist, Chris Daymond, has a chat with us about it.

It seems that WA, more than any other state, takes a real pride in the music and musicians who come from here. Do you agree and if so why is it?

I’d have to say that it does seem that way most of the time, but I guess my perspective on this subject is relatively biased (laughs). This pride exists because most of us have a tangible connection to the bands and artists in our hometown. It feels good to be proud of the homegrown.

For many years the old phrase ‘the tyranny of distance’ was applied to the ups-and-downs of being a Perth band trying to give it a crack. Is that phrase now completely a thing of the past?

Probably. I’d say ‘the tyranny of commitment’ would be more applicable for most bands. To align all the factors needed for a band to give it a crack over East means putting all your eggs in one basket and this is a risky manoeuvre in any industry, let alone one subject to ever changing trends and fashion. To make it work I think there really has to be a ‘one in, all in’ mentality present, and if the wheels don’t fall off due to external pressures then there’s no harm in thinking big.

What’s it mean to you that you’re playing at an event such as State Of The Art?

I’m rapt that we’ve been asked to play S.O.T.A this year. We’ve had a blast during the last 12 months, celebrating our 20th anniversary and I see being involved in such a cool – and free! – showcase of WA music as a sweet way to bring closure to this celebration.

What acts are you most looking forward to seeing?

The Love Junkies, Verge Collection and The Tommyhawks.

Looking ahead, what musical plans are afoot for you?

My plans for Jebediah involve us hitting the road in a bus full of all our families and friends on a never ending Beatlesque type Magical Mystery Tour, all recorded for prosperity on Super 8 and Polaroid. I can’t wait to see what the others think!