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JAYSNBRWN Bringing the beats

Over the past two years local hip hop DJ jaysnbrwn has taken his game to the next level. After honing his craft and developing a reputation as a slick selector at house parties, he is now making waves across the international nightclub and festival circuit. He’s supported major international acts like Bruno Mars and Kehlani and played at a growing list of official after parties for the likes of Migos, Kendrick Lamar and more. After joining Perth label Dough Related Productions in 2016, he ticked another goal off his by becoming an Official Culture Kings DJ in August 2018. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with jaysnbrwn to chat about the wildest parties he’s been part of, brushing shoulders with the world’s biggest stars and new music you should be putting on your radar right now.

You were into hip hop from an early age, what were the artists that you looked up to and first got you thinking about doing music yourself?

To be honest I didn’t I think of any artists as role models, as I never expected to be actually “doing” music for a career. Everything kind of just grew organically for me. One thing kept leading to another and now here I am!

You initially honed your craft DJing at parties and that led to you landing your first club gigs. Was that something you were expecting to move into or did you just jump at the opportunities that came your way?

Ultimately the main purpose when I DJ is to make sure that the people I’m playing for are having a great time, and I feel like that transcends to any medium, whether I be playing a house party, at a club or a concert. In the beginning I never expected to play in nightclubs, let alone brush shoulders with the people I do, or be paid to travel the world doing what I do. I just stayed true to myself and the opportunities just came along with it. I’m so blessed to be able to call this “work”.

And what in your opinion defines your style? What do people remember the most about experiencing you performing live?

I really do vibe off the crowd, I like to feed from the energy of the room. It truly is one of those “the louder you clap, the crazier the show is” type of things for me. Every set I do is different, it has to be. You always have a different crowd so your set has to be different too. I’ll connect with the audience and take them on a journey. Picking the vibe and curating music to generate the emotion that goes with it is crucial. In the end I’m not thinking about wanting them to remember me, I just want them to remember the experience.

This year you became an Official Culture Kings DJ, how did that come about and what does it mean to you?

Yeah it’s crazy. I’ve been so blown away over all the opportunities that have arisen over the last year, especially this one. I’ve always loved the feeling of when you enter a Culture Kings store as a customer, the music is always lit and the people there are always so nice. To now be part of what creates that vibe is so surreal. We’re all a big family there too, it’s dope.

To date you’ve supported some of the world’s biggest acts like Bruno Mars, French Montana and Kehlani as well as playing after parties for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Migos. What’s been the wildest party you’ve ever done and your favourite memories in being up close to such big and talented acts?

The wildest party I’ve ever played might be New Year’s Eve last year. There was a bunch of international artists in town for a festival and most of them ended up in the VIP of the club I was DJing and we all brought in the New Year together. Everyone there was in high spirits and riding the same wave. One memory that sticks with me though was while I was playing at a club overseas earlier in the year. The owner of the place personally came and thanked me when I finished, as the place was at still at capacity when they closed for the first time ever. I could see the joy in his face and I just couldn’t believe it. I know it seems like such a small thing but it was one of those moments that it really hit me and I thought “shit, I’m really doing this”.

And who have you played with or for that has blown you away the most?

One of my favourite DJs I’ve played with is Noodz (Kehlani’s DJ). We’ve done a couple of shows together now and she always so warm and bubbly. It’s always a vibe.

DJs generally make a name for themselves by introducing audiences to fresh new music that often goes on to be really popular later, what acts are catching your eye right now that we should look out for?

That’s a good question. There’s a lot of amazing acts coming up right now. Ella Mai is doing big things at the moment. Same with 88Glam, Gashi, Anders, and Manila Grey. And I still think Aminé is so underrated. I could go on all day…

And what’s coming up next for you? Anything in particular you are looking forward to?

I have a few more exciting things happening later in the year but I can’t announce anything just yet! I’m doing a Singapore tour next week so I’m super pumped to get over there. I will be headlining at Canvas 4th Birthday on October 20 and playing a few other places while I’m over there. Follow me on Instagram or check out my website to stay up to date with that one and the rest of my journey.

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