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JAPANESE FILM FESTIVAL 2018 Manga, mayhem, and masterpieces

The Japanese Film Festival 2018 has finally reached Perth. From October 31 to November 4 Event Cinemas Innaloo will be the venue for some of the best Japanese films to come out in the past year, as well as a remastered classic. Here’s some of the films that caught our eye.

One Cut of the Dead
Zombie’s are certainly a bit passe at the moment, but One Cut of the Dead is a brave attempt to bring back some unlife into the genre, and one that has met with great results. This low budget take has been getting more buzz than a chainsaw, and starting with a one take 37 minute opening shot – well you have to admire it’s gumption.

DESTINY: The Tale of Kamakura
Sounding a lot like what you would get if you had Miyazaki tell the story of Orpheus in the Underworld, this live-action film promises a plethora of magic and charm. A young bride, moves to the fantastical town of Kamakura, where humans and mystical creatures live side by side. However a slight infraction traps her spirit in the underworld, as her new husband quests to win her back.

Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter
Perhaps one of the most loved contributions of Japanese film and television culture to the world, it would be remiss not to include Anime in this list. Detective Conan: Crimson Love Letter is the latest installment in this young detective’s popular franchise.

The Blood of Wolves
A stylish take on the 80’s cop genre, as two detectives in Hiroshima are poised on the brink of a Yakuza turf war. This looks like it leans heavily into it’s pulp genre background for spectacular results.

Ramen Shop
A cross cultural celebration of food and family, as a Japanese ramen chef, sets out to Singapore to piece together the family story of his mother.

While we are mentioning the power of food in cinema, it is impossible not to mention the 1985 film that excels like no other in bringing this passion to the screen. Tampopo was the world’s first (and perhaps only) ramen western, melding an anthology of food tales, with the plot to Shane. A 4K restoration allows audiences to witness the best dying monologue about sausages they will ever see in a new found glory.

The Japanese Film Festival 2018 will be at Event Cinemas Innaloo from October 31 – November 4. See website for details.

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