JAMILLA She. gets 8/10



Local R&B self-producer Jamilla released her second single of 2019, She. follows her previous single this year, Bloom. The electronic, nu-soul single spreads light on new themes; the artist’s (bi)sexuality and identity is explored, something we haven’t heard from her previously.

Intimate lyrics are enticing paired with both a synth and a smooth beat. The standout lyric, “I like them free, crazy like me, heart of gold and a face so mean,” repeats itself throughout the chorus. The line eases itself into the second verse with a melodic, loose guitar.

Openly identifying herself as a queer artist Jamilla empowers her sexual orientation through She.‘s lyrics. “I am hers, she is mine,” are particularly strong lyrics that are followed by “we going hard for the women tryna love themselves, going hard going hard tryna grow themselves.” Jamilla invites her listeners to dive into She. The song is a powerful connection between artists and listener, and artist and community. She. is an experience that is connecting Jamilla to her audience and growing her popularity in the Perth music scene (and no doubt beyond).