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JAMES This band is on fire

Renowned as one of the great UK live bands, Manchester’s James are returning to Perth, wrapping up their Australian tour at the Astor Theatre on Tuesday, November 20.

New album Living in Extraordinary Times is out August 3 and features latest single Coming Home (Pt. 2), a sequel to the 1989 James hit single Come Home.

Frontman Tim Booth says of the album’s title: “We knew something was up when Leicester city won the league then Brexit, then Trump. It is as if we’d slipped into an alternate reality, a Philip K Dick reality. We are living in extraordinary times.”

James’ 1993 hit Laid became the soundtrack to early 90s alternative radio before finding a second life through its use in teen hit American Pie films. James had already had a decade of hits by the time Laid arrived, having risen from Manchester’s legendary Factory Records scene into one of the biggest UK bands in the world by the dawn of the 90s.

With alternative hits in Australia including Laid, Sit Down, Sound, Getting Away With It (All Messed Up), She’s a Star and Just Like Fred Astaire, and selling over 25 million records worldwide, the band blew WA audiences away on their last visit in 2016 and Booth is looking to make trips downunder a more common thing, taking in Adelaide for the first time on this trip.

“Looking forward to playing to the boys and the girls at the end of the world again (from our corner of the world),” he says. “If you enjoyed our last trip, evangelize this one to your friends, and we can make this a regular liaison.”

Living in Extraordinary Times is out August 3. James play the Astor Theatre on Tuesday, November 20. Tickets on sale 10am this Friday, July 6 via .

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