Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks Half  Frozen Beer single launch @ Mojos Bar

w/ Special Feelings, Siobhan Cotchin & HAIRCARE 
Saturday, March 7, 2020


Local folk rock band Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks delivered an outstanding performance on Saturday night for the launch of their new single Half Frozen Beer. With an evening that was full of smiles, laughter, a few tears and incredible tunes, it was perfect timing for a sold out show.

Special Feeling

The support acts can really make or break an overall show. Luckily, Jack knows what he’s doing when it comes to selecting supports and to start off the show we had Freo duo Special Feelings who created a beautiful and funky atmosphere. Unfortunately, as they were the first supporting act, not everyone had arrived yet and a large amount of the overall audience missed the soothing performance.

Siobhan Cotchin

Next up was Siobhan Cotchin who shared a touching, emotional performance but one to remember. Her voice melted the audience like butter, particularly when she played Just the Way It Is, a song that she described as one about friendships and how sometimes they can fall apart for no reason.


HAIRCARE were the final support, giving off extreme Tame Impala vibes, while still remaining unique in their own way. The four-piece indie pop band were clearly loved by the audience who were all swaying to the soothing rhythms they provided.

Jack Davies and the Bush Chooks

Welcomed to the stage by a loud, cheering audience, Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks began their set with It’s So Pretty Out Here. It was refreshing to see the crowd dancing and singing along to all the words with excitement in their eyes for this local Perth favourite. Followed by other fan favourites Morning Coffee, Telemarketer and Rosemary Mushrooms, the audience continued to sing, dance, whistle and cheer.

Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks

Jack then went on to sing Mould which he started by saying, “alright this is a quiet one, its a very silent song.” Although this didn’t seem to be one known well by the crowd, they remained engaged and in awe. The song did indeed start off quiet but it soon picked up until you could feel it in your chest.

Next up was Deep Water, a personal fave. This was another one the crowd wasn’t all too familiar with but for those looking to seek it out, there is a video of Jack playing a piano version of the song on his Facebook page alongside talented violinist, Elise Hiatt.

Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks

Half Frozen Beer was next and the energy in the room was electric for the song being launched on the night. It was amazing to see so many people already knowing the words and singing along. Jack invited a couple of members of the audience to join him and the Chooks (Chet Morgan, Hector Morlet, Jack Annear, George Gare and Elise Hiatt) towards the end to sing the outro. Catherine Zoller (a member of Smol Fish and Moth) was also one of the Bush Chooks as a one-off playing the tambourine – Jack thought it would be fun to get her along for the gig. After the song, Sam Perrignon brought all the band members shots of tequila onto the stage. Sam is a best mate of Jack’s who helped start the band and used to play bass.

Jack Davies and The Bush Chooks

After Half Frozen Beer, the band played three more songs. Broken Glass, Some Things Don’t Last A Long Time and to finish the set off, Prime Minister. The night was a rollercoaster of emotions and one I believe will be remembered.


Photos by Adrian Thomson