Is online dating safe? 

In the digital age, everyone can connect with anyone anytime and anywhere thanks to smartphones and internet connection. You can easily talk with your family and friends with just a few clicks. While we use technology to improve our way of life, it’s undeniable that this is being used by criminals or scammers to search and prey on their victims. 

Your safety in online dating

The use of dating platforms has become more prevalent in the previous decade. More users are now hopeful that they would find a serious relationship through these platforms. In fact, the number of relationships leading to marriages has increased, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. Make sure to read honest and detailed top dating apps and site reviews to identify which one suits you best.

Some users in dating platforms weren’t able to get away from malicious activities. There are reported cases of sexual harassment, identity theft, and other criminal cases among its users, especially women. 

Based on the latest research, individuals, particularly in the United States, believe that searching love on dating platforms is safe. On the other hand, there are a few people that think otherwise. 

How to ensure your security while dating online

Although more dating sites and apps are being developed each year, these platforms still lack the capabilities to completely protect its users from wrongdoers. This is why users should always be cautious while using these platforms. 

There are many things you can do to protect yourself while seeking love online. You just need to be informed about the do’s and don’ts in these platforms to make your experience worthwhile and trouble free. Here are a few reminders for you. 

Be careful about disclosing your personal information

Giving away too much information about yourself may put your safety and privacy at risk. In the age of the internet, everyone can rack up a lot of information about you just by knowing your name using search engines and social media platforms. If you meet someone online, avoid telling them your workplace or school, location, age, and other details they may use for illegal activities. Share information about yourself once the person has finally gained your trust.  

Only meet with the person if you fully trust them

There are love seekers who quickly schedule a dinner date with someone they just met online because they have similar interests or they felt that they clicked immediately. Long-distance dating is bound to move forward to a normal setup, but doing it earlier than it should is risky. There are reported cases where victims were sexually harassed during their dates. Make sure that you know the person enough to meet them personally and pick a public place as your place of meeting.     

Have a video call before meeting personally

Putting your trust into someone can be difficult if you haven’t met them personally. But through having video calls, you can easily see someone’s face and have a talk with them in real-time. The best way to make sure that the person is trustworthy and honest is to confirm that they’re using their actual photos.

The bottom line

With the surge of new users and its current capabilities, dating sites and apps can’t protect and monitor all of its users at the same time. This is one thing you have to consider if you’re interested in using these platforms. Nonetheless, online dating is a great way to meet new people outside your social circle and form meaningful, strong relationships.