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INJURED NINJA Downtown funk

Art-metal overlords Injured Ninja are back with a brand new video for their latest single Gulnare Funk.

Gulnare Funk is the second single off their 2020 EP Total Impact! Maxxx Damage!. The video was directed by the band lead by bassist Dominic Pearce with cinematography from A.J. Coultier and David Le May.

We’re at a loss for words, so let our actions speak from here,” the band said. “Gulnare Funk is a surreal and nihilistic pop-culture response to modern absurdity, where the economy of algorithm fuelled entertainment thrives on nostalgic escapism and fiscal idolatry, distracting us from impending existential threats and our complicity in systemic abuse.”

Weekend at Bernies couldn’t be a more apt metaphor for today: greedy people ignoring the dead bodies around them for their own selfish short term gain and survival in a money-driven world, dressed in 1980’s fashion. It would be funny, if it wasn’t so morbidly depressing.”

The video release comes hot off the news that Injured Ninja will be performing at this year’s coveted Dark Mofo event in Hobart, playing at the Odeon Theatre on Thursday, June 17 with Lo!, Threats and Drug Cult.

Injured Ninja have released the video for Gulnare Funk and will perform at Dark Mofo in Tasmania on Thursday, June 17. For more info head to


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