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Indigo’s self-titled EP is a classic debut – by which I mean, it has all the advantages and pitfalls of a band making their first creative statement.

Ain’t It Funny starts with a rush of glinting atmospherics in its intro and verses which a big radio friendly hook slightly undermines. This leads us to the sparky country of Come Back Home, with its wheezing harmonica and happy/sad singalong chorus that recalls Gold era Ryan Adams – a tonal shift from the opener (again, classic first EP, when bands cram their best material together). This raises the question, how did ABCD make the cut? The EP’s bland, sagging midpoint, a mid-tempo little nothing, notable only for its egregiously lazy lyrics.

Queen Of Hearts performs an instant resuscitation, welcoming Indigo back to comfier territory, with a Panics-like build from subdued verse to chorus, a melancholy rumble that represents the best tune here. It ends with another strong track, the cloudy, brooding Franz, although the production style – a driving bass bouncing over cavernous drums – is by now a tad over familiar.

But if Indigo can tighten up their consistency and dedicate a few more drafts to their lyrics, the best of the tune craft on display here bodes well.


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