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IN THE PINES 25TH PLAYING TIMES Who is the mystery guest?

Just who is the Mystery Guest at this year’s In The Pines? RTRFM have released the set times so you can plan your day, and speculate about who the special unknown act headlining one of the side by side stages at 9pm might be. The 25th Anniversary of the festival is being held at UWA Somerville Auditorium on Sunday week, April 29. 

In The Pines has come along way since the first one featuring Ammonia, Blue Tile Lounge, Rosemary Beads, Yummy Fur, Circus Murders, Mardi Picaso, Lamia and Rhythm Elixir took to the UWA Somerville Auditorium, and in a tribute to that very first edition, the Rosemary Beads return in 2018.

The story goes that then station manager, Kath Letch, had a booking for the Somerville Auditorium, but didn’t want to book an event that might lose money. She took the booking to Rewi Lyall (now Chairman of RTRFM) and Michael Roberts from the Homegrown crew, and they organised the bands, liquor license and the volunteers, and its been running ever since, becoming as iconic as the station itself.

Check out the set times for this year’s festival below:

11.45AM               Welcome To Country
12.00PM              Treehouses
12.30PM              The Pipeline Band
1.00PM                Terrible Signal
1.30PM                Grievous Bodily Calm
2.00PM               Demon Days
2.30PM               Bolt Gun
3.00PM               Em Burrows and Web Rumours
3.30PM                Thee Loose Hounds
4.00PM                Lucy Peach
4.30PM                Fur Chick
5.00PM                The Tommyhawks
5.30PM                Umpire/Mukaizake
6.00PM                Nerve Quakes
6.30PM                Mathas
7.00PM                Mile End
7.30PM                Sex Panther
8.00PM               The Kill Devil Hills
8.30PM               FOAM
9.00PM               Mystery Guest
9.30PM               Abbe May

In The Pines hits the UWA Somerville Auditorium on Sunday week, April 29. 

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