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The Tommyhawks

Officially announced on Breakfast with Caitlin this morning, In The Pines big 25th anniversary line up is finally upon us. The remaining two line up announces for the Sunday, April 29 show at UWA’s Somerville Auditorium will happen over the next two Monday’s to come. This week, welcome Rosemary Beads, Furchick, The Tommyhawks, Demon Days, Mile End, Bolt Gun, and Thee Loose Hounds.

Rosemary Beads

Returning to the In The Pine stage, 25 years after they played the first ever Pines, Rosemary Beads are ready to bring their melodic, moody vibes to the stage once again. Having reformed a number of years ago now, seeing the Rosemary Beads is still an ultimate pleasure. 


For lovers of the weird and wonderful, experimental artist Furchick is someone who changes the way we think about instruments and how music can be composed. Join her and her band of musical misfits on a sonic journey. Furchick will also be running musical instrument making workshops for our younger punters throughout the day, inviting them on stage to play when done.

The Tommyhawks (pictured above) are one of Perth most exciting live bands. Their energy is infectious and they bring their magical pop/indie tunes to the Somerville with the energy we want and the energy we need on WA Music’s day of days.

Demon Days

Neo-soul wunderkids Demon Days have been kicking around Perth for just over a year and are part of a new crop of bands.

A band perhaps not known to everyone that will be the most exciting act on the bill for others, Mile End made their mark in Perth around 2008 and return to gigging for perhaps the last time for one special performance at In The Pines. Their epic 7 minute Rumblefish is one of those tunes that defines a space and time in WA music.

Bolt Gun

It would not be an In The Pines without a band that makes you sit up and say wow. Bolt Gun may just be that band. Their epic two track EP A Man is Wolf to Man blew RTRFM listeners away in late 2017. Sit back and enjoy the majesty of Bolt Gun. Bring your ear plugs.

Thee Loose Hounds

Garage rock purveyors Thee Loose Hounds will bring their raucous, mind-blowing live show to In The Pines for 2018. Bands that live so close to the edge of it all going wrong are the best bands to watch and Thee Loose Hounds walk that fine line.

In The Pines 25th anniversary is on Sunday, April 29 at UWA’s Somerville Auditorium. Presale tickets from from

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