I, Said The Sparrow


Perth’s own I, Said The Sparrow, are releasing their debut LP, Deathpop, with special guests Sail On! Sail On!, Corpus and Roswell at the Rosemount Hotel this Friday, December 20. AARON BRYANS reports.

Forming in 2010, I, Said The Sparrow – vocalist Sean Hendry, guitarist Jason Shaw, drummer Clint Gatter and bassist Tristan Sturmer – took little time making an impact in Perth’s alternative rock scene, beginning national tours in 2011. 

“It’s been amazing,” Hendry reflects. “We’ve been lucky enough to play a few mini festivals over in Melbourne, and done some club runs playing with mostly metalcore and hardcore bands.  I’d like to think we won over fans who usually wouldn’t be exposed to our genre of music.”

Described as a mash-up between rock, industrial, pop, punk and dance music; the quartet seamlessly move between catchy, body-moving rock, to punchy, hard-hitting and foot-tapping punk. Their first single, I’m A Villain And I’m Online, showcases Hendry’s unique and gripping vocals, combining with high-speed, powerful drumming to bring a new vibe of dance-rock.

“Jase brought the main verse/intro riff to rehearsals one day and we jammed on it for a few hours.  The first recording of that song was actually a bit longer.  But after quite a bit of time debating we ended up cutting about 40 seconds off the track.”

Finally after two long years, the growing I, Said The Sparrow fanbase will get their chance to grab the full-length LP; a feat which means the world to the local quartet.

“It’s the culmination of two years of working hard and kicking each other’s asses into gear,” Hendry says.  “We have only officially released three songs in the three years that we have been a complete band, so it’s great to finally have a substantial release that truly represents what we are about.”

Deathpop’s artwork, which features a female doused in a gooey-purple liquid, is more then meets the eye. With some subtle hints of what to expect in the LP, Hendry explains its significance.

“Jase and I came up with the artwork concept for the album during some late-night discussion. We wanted something that was pretty, but with an element of something being spoiled or dirtied.  We explore some of those themes lyrically on Deathpop.”

Energetic and adrenaline pumping, the boys from Perth are looking to make a name for themselves nationally in the live music scene as one hell of a musical experience and their album launch looks to prove just that.

“If you’ve ever been to a Sparrow show in the past,” Henry posits, “you’ll have a fair idea what to expect.  If you haven’t, you can expect hectic.”