I, Said the Sparrow




It’s been worth the wait for Perth-born I, Said the Sparrow who, after two years, have finally released their debut LP, Deathpop, a body-moving, disco-rock album that pushes previous boundaries and exhibits a punchy and pumping genre. The album as a whole has its strengths and weaknesses, with its main problem being inconsistency.

Tracks such as 043Hello and December provide killer riffs, strong synth fills and authoritative drumming; however, the choice of the underwhelming Kiss And Pretend as an introductory track is a poor decision. The first half of the album maintains its strength with chorus-oriented tracks Papercup and Lust, Love And Other Devils which feature strong lead guitar and highlight vocalist Sean Hendry’s edgy and unique voice. However, following the LPs best track, and the band’s first composition I’m A Villian And I’m Online; the remaining tracks fail to continue expectations.

It’s clear that I, Said The Sparrow have the ability to compose some incredible music, and whether it takes them two years or a decade, the band will provide game-changing, memorable tracks that you won’t forget.