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I KNOW LEOPARD Let Go gets 7.5/10

I Know Leopard
Let Go
Ivy League Records


Mystical synth maestros I Know Leopard have just dropped latest single Let Go, a song detailing the effect over-ambition has on relationships.

The band somehow manages to interestingly wrap a dire subject matter into something whimsical and poppy. Their first release since 2016’s Rather Be Lonely, Let Go hits directly on what makes I Know Leopard a great four-piece. Be it the sweeping strings, the teasingly beautiful vocals or the oriental vibes from the keys, Let Go catapults the listener into a lucid daydream.

At the heart of the track there is something very retro to the overall sound, opening with a drum machine beat that is swept up via ascending strings. The track is a pastiche of cut-and-paste beats and chords all wrapped together into a track that is niftily simple and fun.

If I Know Leopard continue to harmonise emotionally relatable lyrics with deftly delicious pop pieces they’ll be on a winner.


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