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I Am Giant


Blackbird Rising/OPIA

Amplifier Bar

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A school night, along with Perth’s wet winter didn’t keep a decent crowd from trickling through the Amplifier Bar for New Zealand’s I Am Giant, in support of their recent sophomore release Science & Survival.

Opening the evening was Perth’s young indie thrash metal trio Blackbird Rising. Despite the slim crowd, lead singer and guitarist Scott Crighton, bassist Keith Ong and drummer Daniel Norrish played with passion – as if the venue were filled to the brim. The pitch seemed to be a challenge, however their set encompassed a thumping chaotic beat, a drumstick smash with an ‘I just want to shout in your face’ fun vibe.

Next in line, was Perth’s up and coming prog rock trio OPIA. After a prompt sound check Nomadson was the track to open the set, where the patchy pitch showed itself again. Technical challenges that stifled the interaction between the down-to-earth trio were quickly overcome and forgotten. OPIA delivered an array of tracks including Man On Fire, Undone and their recent release One Minute Ago. The sheer focus, enthusiasm and determination led by Mike Bok, with drummer Ryan Monger and bassist Dan Zarb, swiftly zapped the performance to a solid finish. The crowd were left impressed.

Alternative rockers I Am Giant, graced the stage with a vibrant and eager crowd ready for all things dark, heavy and electrifying magnetic vibes that oozed from the progressive four. Collectively I Am Giant are cohesive and captivating, with a strength that forms an irresistible charm and natural ability to get hooked on the catchy and technically progressive sound. Each track portrayed a sense of simplicity, where they made it look all to easy, but when you allowed each note to flow through the complexity dawns upon you.

The buzzing crowd grew with intensity with every track aired from albums The Horrifying Truth and Science & Survival, including Echo From The Gallows that opened the show, through to Let It Go, Purple Hearts, City Limits, with clear crowd favourites Transmission and Neon Sunrise, which encouraged a passionate rock induced sing-a-long.

Amplifier Bar was filled with a fun down-to-earth vibe, with a quaint yet enthusiastic mosh. Each prompt to the crowd from the lead Ed Martins, resulted in a passionate sing-a-long and the crowd jumping wild at the front. The ability to go from subtle harmonies to screaming chest vocals was certainly mesmerising, at the same time bass player Paul Matthews dominates the stage with his fun-filled antics of taking selfies with the crowd whilst cleverly hooking us all in with his bass grooves. Drummer Shelton Woolright may be up the back, but his boasting beats with an added charm and amazing body art on display created his own spotlight. To the left of stage, keen and incredible guitarist Andrew Kerr was definitely hard to ignore with his hard riffs and electrifying moves. They all had their own individual spark, but they naturally came together showing one hell of a party on stage.

As the night came to an end, it was clear that Perth couldn’t get enough of I Am Giant and are eager for their return. Here’s hoping it will not take long!


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