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HUSH Y’ALL SEASON 1 Teeing off this Saturday

This Saturday, August 4, 2018 commemorates the launch of Perth’s first ever silent disco only event called Hush Y’all at Club Kahuna in Subiaco…

The first of a fortnightly event set to run for the next three months, Hush Y’all combines a nightclub setting with a silent disco and if that wasn’t enough, each event will be golf-themed.

At each night, the organisers will be showcasing two clubs (think university colleges, sports clubs) who will battle it out on their own silent disco channel. The team with the most listeners will be crowned the reigning kings for the fortnight.

The same organisers last summer ran a series of rooftop day parties nestled in the dunes of Secret Harbour beach, opening up the space to the wider community for the first time. After a brainstorming session a year ago, they came up with the idea of a silent disco only event as they continue to strive to think outside the box and do things differently.

With prizes like trophy cocktails, green jackets and wooden spoons on the table, it’ll be bound to get competitive and we’ll be right there to follow the launch.

Hush Y’All goes down at Club Kahuna, Subiaco this Saturday, August 4. Entry is free from 9pm to 10pm and then it’s $15 entry before midnight. Better yet, become a club member for $5 entry instead HERE.. For more info head to the Facebook Event Page.

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