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Hunx And His Punk


Street Punk

Hardly Art

Last Fringe Festival surprise visitors Hunx And His Punks have significantly abandoned their glam power pop sounds and embraced a more dirty, aggressive approach to their music. Street Punk starts with the fast and raw Bad Skin and pretty much stays in the same vein for the next 20 or so minutes.

Seth Bogart’s vocals remain as camp as before, which gives the album a similar feel to listening to early GG Allin recordings, where an unusually gentle, melodic voice lays on the top of fiercely played music.

While there are a couple of way too short, perhaps not that necessary songs on the record, there are plenty of killer tracks, such as You Think You’re Tough” ‘60s girl band-inspired Mud In Your Eyes and perhaps the best song in Hunx’s opus, I’m Coming Back, with one of the best choruses in modern punk.

Producing a bunch of snappy songs and putting them all on an album way shorter than usual running time has been done before, but only once in a while as entertaining as Street Punk is. Let’s hope the band comes back and spreads love to our shores soon.

Rating: 3 & 1/2 stars  


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