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HUMAN BUOY New single with Nick Allbrook

Apparently releasing one of the year’s best albums as part of Pond isn’t enough for Nicholas Allbrook. He’s already back featuring on Human Buoy‘s new single Anvils, taken from Human Buoy’s forthcoming debut LP Animation Station, which is due for arrival at the end of June.

Allbrook’s distinctive crooning can be heard throughout the verses. “I was trying to figure out how to sing the verses (of Anvils) and was picturing a Bowie sort of thing,” head Human Buoy Ben McDonald says. “I gave it a hot crack but could really imagine Nick doing it more justice… he came around to my bedroom studio and I recorded him singing the verses in a few different voices. I ended up mixing a few of them together to make an intimate choir of Nicks.”

Ben wrote the lyrics and music and says the song is inspired by Stephen King’s magnum opus The Dark Tower, and the hold that technology has on humans: a theme explored in The Dark Tower series as well as on Animation Station.

Anvils is out now. Human Buoy’s debut album Animation Station is out soon.

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