How to book a Graffiti artist in Sydney?

Graffiti art is the most backdated form of art that can be dated back to ancient times. Graffiti form of art is a special type of writing or drawing made on the walls or the streets with the knowledge of the owner. Graffiti can be described as drawing calligraphy or paintings on the walls. Sydney is already a beautiful place with beautiful paintings all around the city. Graffiti art is a very common form of art found in Sydney and you can hire or book a Graffiti artist in Sydney easily.

What are the major types of Graffiti?

Well, Graffiti can be divided into several types. You can book an Artist’s graffiti artist in Sydney by looking at the various types of artworks. So, without wasting time, let’s know about the types of this unique art form.

1.  Tagging

This is considered to be the easiest form of graffiti artwork. In this form of style, the artist uses one color and includes his name as a sign of the mark. This is done so that people can know who has performed this piece of art. With the help of tagging, no one can claim others’ work as it is the most disgraceful work to claim other works as yours.

2.  Throw-up

 This is more complicated than the tagging style. In this, the artist uses two or more colors to draw letters. This uses bubble-style letter art and can be done continuously like the previous style.

3.  Blockbuster

This is an elaborate throw-up style. In this style, the artist uses block letters to write and draw letters on the walls. This style of art is done on a huge amount and sometimes artists use rollers to paint it. Using rollers can make them finish faster.

4.  Wildstyle

 This is also a boarded version of the throw-up. This is way more complicated too. People find it hard to read. In this style, the artist uses different symbols like arrows, curves, spikes, and other things as well.

5.  Heaven

This is a similar kind of tag or artwork that is hard to understand and reaching this art is quite impossible. An artist uses tools to perform this art.

6.  Stencil

This is also known as a lazy form of art. An artist uses spraying of colors over a stencil. This is a free-hand form of art and is a repeatable form of art.

7.  Poster

This is a quick and easy way to set up a drawing. Artists make pieces at home and then paste on different locations.

8.  Sticker

This is also quite similar to the poster but in a smaller size.

9.  Piece

This is a picture drawn on the walls by freehand drawing. This is hard to perform and requires a much longer time. People find this really attractive and eye-soothing.

Ways to find and book a Graffiti artist in Sydney

You can book a Graffiti artist in Sydney by following the below steps:

1.  Follow the style

If you follow the above style then you can get the idea of the artist and can find the artists as wee. Each style of art is done by each individual artist. No one copies others. So, the styles can be a great path to find it.

2.  Create Briefing

You can create notes on what are your requirements. You can also write down the budgets and other information that you might need while booking a graffiti artist. This will help you to make things easier.

3.  Search Online

The online platform is a vast platform from where you can definitely find the list of graffiti artists. But performing online research is not enough. You should ask locals and check out the reviews and ratings of the artist too.

4.  Final Research

Once you get your desired artist you can further talk with them and show them your briefing. If both agree with it then you can easily start the Graffiti work as per your requirements.


With the above tips, you have an idea of how you can book a graffiti artist. This form of art has a unique resemblance and most people love this due to its diversity.