HOT DUB TIME MACHINE Welcome the wine machine


DJ Tom Loud’s Hot Tub Time Machine has evolved from being a smash hit at Adelaide, Edinburgh and Perth Fringe festivals, to now headlining his own mini-festival Hot Dub Wine Machine at Houghton Winery, Swan Valley on April 8. Pulling his own Gizzfest, with acts such as PNAU and Miami Horror adding to an already solid line-up, is a pretty far cry from being a Sydney DJ struggling to land gigs, he tells DAVE GARDINER.

“I had been DJing for a long time, and never got much work, because I always liked playing too many different genres of music,” Loud says. “I was never a house DJ or a hip-hop DJ, I’d prefer to play Beyoncé and then The Beatles. I want to hear The Rolling Stones then Rage Against The Machine. I never really found my niche… and then I discovered this world of Fringe Festivals.”

Thus, Hot Dub Time Machine was born. He propelled this idea of a party indulging in varieties of music and celebrating some of the world’s favourite songs. However it’s about the journey, not the destination, and that’s Tom’s intention with the Hot Dub experience.

“It’s a chronological dance party,” he says. “We travel back in time to the 1950’s, the birth of rock and roll, and we travel back through music to 2017. It’s basically the best songs ever, compressed and mixed in to a two and a half hour experience.”

This idea of a time-travelling dance party proved to be a hit, selling out international Fringe shows and going on his own national tour, to now headlining a massive tour in some of Australia’s most scenic wine regions. The first Hot Dub Wine Machine sold out McLaren Vale’s Serafino Winery in 2016 with acts such as Client Liaison and Bag, and Tom knew it had become something special.

“The first time we did Wine Machine was amazing,” he says. “Wine Machine became another step in a long evolution of Hot Tub Time Machine. The Hot Dub experience fundamentally doesn’t change too much, certain songs I’ll always want to play, but we’ve gotten the chance to make to so much bigger.

“We got tired of playing the same types of venues, and we knew we wanted to take it outside, and thought, ‘where’s the best place in Adelaide?’ – it’s McLaren Vale! It was just so nice, there’s nothing like dancing outside as the sun’s going down, with some nice wine… and getting pretty wild, it was just awesome.

“We always hoped it would go well and it would be something we could do at different places. The scale of it now though, is something I can’t believe.”

With the national tour of Hot Dub Wine Machine commencing on March 4 and reaching the Swan Valley on April 8, the excitement of playing to a sold out WA crowd is only matched by how stoked he is to play alongside some great Australian live acts.

“To me, PNAU is one of the great Australian electronic acts. I’m so excited to see what they do. Miami Horror are sick too, I think they’re such a great live act. You’d hear it and might think it was a guy with a laptop, but no, they’re this ripping live act. They rock.

“I played more in Perth than I did in Sydney last year actually, and I love coming back there. It’ll be so good to see everyone again.”