HOT DUB TIME MACHINE @ Ice Cream Factory gets 7.5/10

Hot Dub Time Machine @ Ice Cream Factory
w/ Paces
Friday, June 29, 2018


Bringing out the big guns, Hot Dub Time Machine had the Ice Cream Factory at melting point with a scorching performance last Friday.

His theatrical set kicked off in the year 1954 with minor technical difficulties, but there was nothing that could dampen this evening of epic music.

Stepping through the gates at Northbridge’s Ice Cream Factory, loud and clear came a choral of “Hey, heyy babeh! Ooh, ahh!” from a silent disco pumping beneath a massive tent. The journey back through time was immediately underway! An aura of yesteryear blanketed this cool Friday evening, and the venue made perfect sense. Packed with bars, vintage inspired foodstalls, good music and a great atmosphere, the evening was destined for greatness.

Paces warmed up the crowed, with a set brimming with addictive synth melodies. Behind him, a towering elephant glowed various colours as he drummed to the rhythm of old favourites and fresh material. The Gold Coast DJ and producer’s set acted as a pleasing appetizer to what was to come.

Offering some cringe and laughter, Tiger Lil’s Karaoke Tent shone like a beacon of pure (mainly drunken) joy. With a line-up of surprisingly keen performers, confidence was at a peak when two girlfriends claimed their night’s fame with a rendition of Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman. I have my suspicions that their microphone volume lowered a bit throughout the performance for the benefit of surrounding ears but all in all it was an impressive show.

With air horns and intense visuals, Hot Dub Time Machine aka Tom Loud took Perth partygoers on an epic journey from the early 50s to present day bangers. Pit stops for instructions, warnings and anticipation guided by the on screen attendant Lulu Loud added a quirky, fun touch to the show. Loud’s ability to read the room elevated the crowd’s energy as he allowed for the hard-hitting tunes to play out a little longer.

Hot Dub brought together a crowd of all age groups from the likes of people who grew up listening to this music, to the younger crowd that likely grew up with their parents playing it. It’s an experience that caters to everyone at some point in the timeline. There were wind instruments, glitter bombs, sparks and even David Attenbrorough made an appearance. My personal highlight was the Michael Jackson segment dedicated solely to the King of Pop.

Hot Dub Time Machine was an extravaganza of extreme energy and classic belters.


Photos by Daniel Hildebrand

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