HOT DUB TIME MACHINE @ HBF Stadium gets 8/10

Hot Dub Time Machine @ HBF Stadium
w/ Jaymee Franchina
Friday, October 16


After a quiet winter, Perth has kicked off a return full-scale live events with a party for (and through) the ages. Hot Dub Time Machine, aka DJ Tom Loud, delivered a stellar set at HBF Stadium for all those who love to boogie down to some of the past decades’ most beloved anthems and tracks remixed and reimagined for our enjoyment.

DJ Jaymee Franchina

Opening the show was up-and-coming Perth DJ Jaymee Franchina who was tasked with hyping a crowd that began humbly but soon grew in both size and energy. Playing hits from the past and present sporadically, Jaymee Franchina managed to perform admirably by remixing classics to accentuate a dance vibe that filled the arena impressively and built the levels of energy fit for the party that was advertised.

A minor fault would be the lackluster graphics that Franchina displayed behind him, consisting solely of a live video stream of Hot Dub’s decks which were unmanned, and a timer counting down to his set. This brought down the mood considering it made the crowd acutely aware of the time passing and did little for aiding Franchina. The timer was evidently placed on display to build anticipation, however, it didn’t quite hit that mark and felt like a reminder that this DJ was only the entrée. Nevertheless, the opening set was both highly energetic and enjoyable.

Hot Dub Time Machine

As the timer ran down to zero and Hot Dub took his position behind the decks, the palpable energy of the crowd crashed like waves towards the stage. The graphics shifted suddenly to encompass the entire back screen with sampled clips from famous music videos both old and young.

Hot Dub started the set in the 1950s with Rock Around the Clock which was a hit with the crowd, drawing everyone closer in to jive with the clearly ecstatic performer. The most admirable part of attending Hot Dub Time Machine is that you are guaranteed to hear songs that are familiar enough to sing along to, leaving room for a collective crowd experience.

Hot Dub Time Machine

Hot Dub was joined by a three-piece brass instrumental accompaniment that he affectionately terms “The Hot Dub Horns” and the inclusion of this band only functioned to magnify the atmosphere in the arena. Throughout the event the Hot Dub Horns came out intermittently to much welcome and ignited the tracks with plenty of 80s sax solos to boot.

Hot Dub Time Machine

The gig had plenty of confetti cannons, flame throwers, shooting streamers, and the piece de resistance: a massive balloon drop which had the crowd jumping wildly. There was just something about Hot Dub Time Machine that made one desperate to be drowned in confetti and balloons; amidst the comforting familiarity of nostalgic throwbacks. With notable exceptions such as Rocketman by Elton John, Dreams by Fleetwood Mac, and an acoustic rendition of Sia’s Titanium, Hot Dub kept the energy high with hit tracks that inspired uninhibited dancing.

Hot Dub Time Machine

One could never accuse DJ Tom Loud of not loving his job. He exclaimed to the crowd words of joy about being able to perform after the chaos 2020 has brought: “I’ve fucking missed this! Thank you guys so much for being here!”

At one point, he even jumped from the stage into the crowd, to much delight (and concern from the security guards) and embraced his audience. At his core, Hot Dub is clearly a performer who loves what he does and makes you want to be present for the entire set.

Hot Dub Time Machine promised a great big party and delivered. One of the most enjoyable things to watch at any event is an artist that loves being there as much as the crowd, and this was clearly the case with Hot Dub at this show.


Photos by Karen Lowe