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HOT BROWN HONEY gets 10/10 Noise makers

Hot Brown Honey @ Teatro at The Pleasure Garden
Monday, February 12, 2018


Everyone needs to see this show. Truth. Hot Brown Honey is one of the most important shows to grace FRINGE WORLD, nay, any stage. Every woman needs to see it for the sheer empowerment and strength they’ll find here, and the tears they’ll shed as they witness their own lives under the patriarchy played out before them. Every man needs to bear witness to our pain through these incredible women. Every white Australian needs to actively listen to what our first nation’s people, and all those of colour, are oppressed by through the invasion of land and the systemic racism inherent in Australia. And every person of colour needs to attend to hear their voices echoed across the ages by these women who are, quite rightfully, not having it anymore. This is political, queer, feminist commentary at its peak, delivered with a stomp of resistance by the fiercest of queens hell-bent on teaching audiences about cultural awareness.

There are so many moments in Fringe shows, or in clubs, or at gigs, where the audience is called upon to “make some noise” on repeat by MCs. In the case of Hot Brown Honey, this is more than just a mere request for the audience to cheer for performers. It is nothing short of a battle cry, to go forth and make noise against oppressors every damn day, and they mean it from the depths of their feisty spirits. These are not women to be trifled with, and they will absolutely inspire you to go forth to fight and rally against the patriarchy, against the racists, the bigots and the fascists, and to take a stand.

Hot Brown Honey is church for the oppressed, sending up a prayer to all the goddesses within. It is nothing short of empowering, inspiring and liberating. Featuring women of colour from a variety of backgrounds, each one brings something unique to the stage with a beautiful symbiosis of dance, song, storytelling, circus and some really impressive beatboxing. There are some truly ingenious and elaborate costume designs that are real crowd pleasers, including several trick changes onstage that take the collective breath away.

Two moments in particular stand out as relatable, heart-wrenching tearjerkers (really, take tissues), but are such necessary pieces to be shouted from the pulpit. There is no shying away from sexual assault or abuse here, and it’s vital that it’s confronted among the political commentary on race, homophobia and a variety of women’s issues. But don’t get it twisted, these women are not victims, nor are they here for your dusky maiden fantasies – they are warriors, and are busy preaching to the converted about the power of the pussy.

Finding your power never tasted sweeter than it does at the temple of the Hot Brown Honeys. Kneel down and pray, for it is delectable nectar. Drink in the communion on offer, and let them help you to find your inner noise maker. It is nothing short of rapture.


Hot Brown Honey runs every night until the end of Fringe World (February 19 excepted) at the Teatro at The Pleasure Garden, with many sessions already sold out. For tickets and more information, visit the event page here.

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