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hommeWhen you meet Sarah Scaife and Cale Mason for the first time there is only one way to describe them; Fucking Cool. The duo behind HOMME Paper, a bi-monthly digital fashion magazine, have the kind of swag that’s rare to come by.

It’s absolutely effortless, even though both their wardrobes are meticulously curated and well selected. With a penchant for designers that have a bit more of an androgynous twist like Maison Martin Margiela, Acne, and Comme des Garcons, their wardrobe is all about texture with a focus on achromatic hues like black, white, grey, metallic and the occasional splash of blue or red. In Scaife’s wardrobe you’ll find anything from steel capped workers boots to the sexy-as-hell rabbit fur Alexander Wang heels, which both encapsulate her schizophrenic, boy meets girl style perfectly.

Mason just knows how to put things together. Using both high-end and urban elements, he easily teams Air Jordans with some waxed denim and a Givenchy tee, creating an easy look which most could not pull off. We were lucky enough to snap a few polaroids of them in their home doing their THANG. And that thang is: Being Awesome.

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