HOLY HOLY Drop New Single ‘Elevator’ And Details For Album In 2017


Holy Holy have revealed details of a new LP alongside their new single, Elevator out today.

The new album titled Paint will be released on February 24, 2017. This announcement comes during a busy time for the band who are in the midst of a massive national tour.

Elevator provides fans with a taste of what to expect with their upcoming album. The single has been described as contemporary yet nostalgic, the single further more demonstrates there attempts to venture into exploratory territory.

Talking about the track, lead guitarist Oscar Dawson says “I can’t recall how it germinated, but before we knew it we were playing this same two chords, over and over.  And it built from there, like a conversation; starting softly, then bouncing around to become louder and louder… It had been caught on a phone when we were touring in Europe, and back in Australia we put it together and decided that, in fact, it is a song.”

Holy Holy have already performed shows in Bunbury, Perth and Fremantle to rave reviews.

Lead singer Timothy Carrol is excited to be back touring saying “It’s great to be out on the road again – especially with a bunch of new tunes to try”.

Paint is available for pre order now from Music Glue!