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Holly Throsby
After A Time


It has been six years between albums for Holly Throsby, which is odd in itself seeing as she was cranking them out like a Pez dispenser does treats before that point. Back in 2011, Throsby was riding a wave of success with Seeker Lover Keeper, her album of music for children See was opening doors as well as her solo career being steadily on the increase and then she just appeared to lose her passion for music. It was a period of time that Throsby says she rarely listened to music at all, let alone considered writing any.

Whilst there were no new tunes being written, Throsby was kept busy becoming a mother for the first time as well as writing her debut novel – the best selling Goodwood. Amidst appearances at writers festivals and book signings, Throsby found time to rekindle her love for songwriting and record After A Time.

The years have added confidence to the outspoken Throsby, but there remains a vulnerability that runs through the whole record in part to do with her delightfully hushed vocal, but also due to the reflective writing and spacious arrangements. Throsby has a knack for a melody that takes hold for the long run as if by stealth, which makes tunes like Aeroplane irresistible.

Long time bandmates Bree van Reyk and Jens Birchall continue their tasteful contribution to Throsby’s music, with new players like Mick Turner adding their own flavours. What Do You Say? is a perfect call and response with Mark Kozelek as a couple navigate the turbulence of conversation and distance. Going To The Sea and Find Your Way Home are melodically crisp yet remain intimate.

Throsby appears to have found her balance with songs that delicately reflect on simple pleasure like gardening or strolling in the evening, as well as songs that speak of the wonder of parenthood and relationship. Throsby hasn’t yet made a poor record and After A Time is again majestic from start to finish. It may have been a long time coming but After A Time is well worth the wait.


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