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HOCKEY DAD Homely Feeling gets 8/10

Hockey Dad
Homely Feeling
Farmer and the Owl /Inertia


NSW two-piece Hockey Dad have announced their second album Blend Inn for early next year, dropping new tune Homely Feeling as its first single.

Upon first listen it’s clear to see the boys have deviated from their surf roots, albeit only slightly. The dirtier guitar parts cling onto their signature beachy tones, creating a heavier soundscape than what listeners are used to while retaining what they’re known for.

The more straightforward rock sound, influenced by their time spent in America, is clearly working on their side. Previous Hockey Dad tracks have been almost solely confined to the airwaves of Triple J, but Homely Feeling feels as though it would be right at home on the 96fm drive show. I can only imagine this ability to transcend different areas of the market will serve Billy and Zach well for the rest of the album.

Lyrically, the song reflects the intense effects homesickness can have on both the body and the mind. A hook of irrational fear (“I know I’m not the one / But they follow me with guns”) intermingles with visceral reactions to discomfort (“Trying to make it through the night, cold sweat and my hands are shaking”), creating a sense of unease beneath the easy-listening exterior.

It really does feel as though they have found the perfect balance between old and new.


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