Hideous Sun Demon

What: Sweat Vinyl Launch

Where: The Odd Fellow

When: Friday, June 26, 2015

Answered by Vin.

What’s the Hideous Sun Demon sound?

Between us we listen to all kinds of stuff. I think right now the main similarity in influence is that whole West Coast garage revival thing going on in the US, as well as that whole Australian east coast post punk revival thing. Although that’s a very simplistic way of putting it. There’s also fair bit of hip hop influence going on as well as that whole classic riff rock Sabbath style stuff. Then there’s the whole kraut rock/psyche thing going on. Kraut’s good like that because it’s very versatile, I’ve always seen it as the bridge between punk and psychedelia. I think Kraut’s broad nature is the reason its becoming so popular, especially in Perth. It slips into genres pretty easily. 

What’s behind the decision to release on vinyl?

CDs are dying, they’re an obsolete format. CDs are digital and we have the internet for that now. Plus vinyls are so much more aesthetically pleasing, aurally and visually. For the hipkidz who live in the binary world we do the whole digital thing because its pretty much free, for the dadrockers and purists we have records. 

You’re recording soon, we hear; how’s the new material shaping up?

We’re actually almost done recording. We have a full LP, I’m pretty happy with it. I think it’s a more confident and succinct effort. It’s a bit heavier than last time.