HIDEOUS SUN DEMON Listen now, before the album release Friday

Ahead of the release of new album Fame, Erotic, Dream this Friday, Perth punks Hideous Sun Demon have given us a stream to the whole damn thing to share with X-Press readers early! Enjoy it now below, under our exclusive interview which, in a novel turn, sees drummer BLAKE HART question fellow band members, frontman Vincent Buchanan and bassist Jake Suriano, to get the lowdown on the follow up to Industry Connections (2016) and Sweat (2014). Catch Hideous Sun Demon live on Friday, September 28 at Settlers Tavern, Margaret River and 
Saturday, September 29 at Mojos, North Fremantle.

Where when & how did you record the album?
V: We recorded the album onto ProTools some time ago at Sleepwalkers Dread studio in North Dandalup. Shed in the country type vibe.
J: I think it was early 2017, a while ago. We tracked it live and did some guitar/synth overdubs & vocals later. Half the songs were done in one session then the other half a few months later.

Were there any difficulties recording the album?
V: No. I dunno. Maybe. Nah it was pretty chill.
J: I got mad when we kept on screwing up takes. I blamed weed but maybe we didn’t practice enough leading up the sessions. Doesn’t matter though cos it’s a solid end product. Mixing cost a lot because we had to fiddle with our snare sound.

What’s with the weird synth swooshys?
V: That’s an MS10, running a White Noise Generator through the Low Pass Filter with the peak around 4 or 5. This is pretty basic stuff for people familiar with synths. For those that aren’t, the effect is this wind-like noise that can be used to give the impression that something is happening in the song when there isnt really.
J: What he said.

Choose one to eat at for the rest of your life: Pinjarra Chicken Treat or the local servo (fka Floopers)?
V: Floopers is a roadhouse on the South West Highway. I would/will one day eat at Floopers everyday for the rest of my life.
J: Vin’s dad remembers when it was called Floopers. I wish it was still called Floopers. The sausage rolls are brutal.

What was wrong with the Pokemon trainer song?
V: We wrote a song that sounded like it should be in a Pokemon battle. Secretly I have taken this song to use for myself in my budding career in game soundtrack composition. Sorry team.
J: I thought it was a great song cuz I love variation but maybe it was cheesy. The verses were very thrash metal though. We recorded it for Fame, Erotic, Dream and argued about keeping it but democratically decided it wasn’t good enough.

Why did Fame, Erotic, Dream take so long to come out?
V: I dunno. I think we spent all the band money going to London or something.
J: We toured a LOT and it’s very spenno to do that out of Perth without grants. This meant we couldn’t afford mixing/mastering etc. But long run we felt getting our live show on the road was pretty important. It’s a two hour drive to the studio down south so maybe that spooked us too.

Why didn’t you rap on this album? I thought you were a rap rock band or something?
V: You know what? I don’t know. Looks like we’ll have to scrap it and start over again. Or maybe you could quickly record some freestyle over all the instrumental bits. Make them VERY offensive please.
J: We only did it maybe twice, leave us alone.

Who would win in a fight? Briggsy or Ron?
V: They are both graceful, delicate people. The fact you’re asking me this is sickening Jake.
J: They are both very talented and helped us so much in the studio, maybe this is my jealousy manifest. For context, Ron Pollard of Sleepwalkers Dread Studio recorded/mixed the album and Paul Briggs plays with him Tangled Thoughts of Leaving (check out their new album!)

What’s your favourite part of the studio?
V: Ron’s electric/acoustic hybrid piano is dang. Also that pump organ. Ron and I are both key/synth kids so all that stuff is fun. I love those neon lit figurines hes got too.
J: I like the astro turf ceiling with lights running through it. Millie is a very cute farm dog too.

What crappy videos games where your playing on emulators at the time?
V: Blake was definitely playing AOE. I personally consider video games a product of a lower, more despotic society so I was probably reading about Georgian architecture or something equally highbrow.
J: Spyro the Dragon likely made an appearance. I think there was bad Star Wars N64 game too… On down time during tour/during tracking the guys like to play old games. I don’t get it.