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Hideous Sun Demon Heat #7 Big Splash Winners

Hideous Sun Demon
Hideous Sun Demon

Answered by Andy Campbell (vocals).

How did you feel about your set on Tuesday?

Vincent didn’t need to borrow a lead or Ali’s guitar. Blake didn’t mess up at all… he hasn’t learnt to play drums yet and Jake wasn’t being a wet flannel about any honeys that day. 10/10 great rock show

What acts caught your ear/eye?

All of them. We’re tight bros with Kitchen People, Old Blood, Pat Chow, Dream Rimmy, Eloise Ashton. Girl Heroin were real cool too. We look forward to throwing down with each of them because we’re probably the muscliest band, too.

Who else in the Big Splash heats are you keen to get a look at?

Seen ’em all, but I hope Scalphunter make another really cool video.

What are your plans, at this stage, for the rest of 2014?

Release our album SWEAT, record our next two albums, go on tour to the US, try and get a gig with Hamjam. And save up for Jake’s bass lessons.


The Big Splash continues with Heat #8, at The Ellington on Tuesday, July 22, withAmani Consort, Junkadelic, Mambo Chic and Shameem. Tickets are $5 at the door from 8pm.





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