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Hideous Sun DemonThe wonderfully named Hideous Sun Demon launch their new video, Flex, at Mojos this Friday, February 7, with support from Aborted Tortoise and Mt Mountain. We have a chat with singer and guitarist, Vincent Buchanan-Simpson.

What’s the Hideous Sun Demon story? Give us a quick history lesson.

We were once a really dumb joke band. Then we worked real hard and now we’re a dumb real band. With two releases. We also won Big Splash last year and a WAM award. We also just got back from Melbourne playing with people like Peter Bibby and shit. We are planning on recording another album pretty soon.

Where does the name come from?

A bad film I’ve never watched. It’s from the ’50s and I’ve always had a fascination with those B Grade early sci-fi films. Most of the time they were just standard tacky dramas with elements of “horror” and “worlds beyond our imagination” just kinda thrown in there. There’s this one where these giant brains invade earth to put giant lobsters there. I’ve never seen such an obvious “man in suit” as that giant lobster. It’s claws were very clearly cushions. Like I said, I’ve never seen the film Hideous Sun Demon, but if it features those cushion claws then I know we’ve made the right decision.

What made Flex stand out as single/video material?

I originally planned on doing the song Bricklover, but then Elliot Green sent us a message saying he had an idea for Flex. Flex is like a minute and a half shorter than Bricklover so it was a real money-saver.

Who directed/produced the clip?

Elliot Green and Jacob Kemp, two very talented guys, both incredibly easy to work with. They were the ones who conceived the initial idea, but they were totally flexible and open minded to any contribution we wanted to make. From what I saw everything flowed seamlessly and we’re very happy with the final product.

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