HERE LIES MAN Fighting gets 7.5/10

Here Lies Man
RidingEasy Records


For those unfamiliar, Here Lies Man was formed by Antibalas guitarist Marcos Garcia in an attempt to answer the question, “what if Black Sabbath were an Afrobeat band?” After a brilliant self titled debut last year, Here Lies Man are back with the first taste from their upcoming sophomore effort, You Will Know Nothing, released in June.

Fighting sees the band following the same concept. This single seems to suggest that they’re a little more comfortable with the task at hand. Punchy at under three minutes, the track quickly hits its stride. A tight guitar riff and key stabs over a funky beat. It’s hard to keep those toes from tapping. As the psych tinged vocals are added Fighting becomes an instant groover.

A little breakdown, drums to the forefront and a refrain under some haunting organ and the track is done, and all signs are looking positive for the follow up to Here Lies Man’s brilliant debut.