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Local rockers Here Comes The Rooster will celebrate the release of their third EP, Godzilla Illa Illa with a launch party at The Aardvark in Fremantle on Saturday, September 4.

“Nothing will kill it,” says vocalist/guitarist, John Sears of the band he first formed in 2017. “Not lack of interest, nor anything.”

Recorded in four days at Tone City Recording Studio with producer Sam Ford (POND, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Abbe May, Birds Of Tokyo), Godzilla Illa Illa is the follow-up to 2019’s self-titled EP, in which Tristan Mamotte (lead guitar) and Chris Dudley (drums) joined Sears and bassist Chris Casella to add new light amidst matured songwriting. With the pandemic-affected 2020 leaving more time for writing, Here Comes The Rooster were well-placed once they hit the studio back in January.

“It’s the third time ‘round and I think we finally hit the sweet spot with recording,” Sears explained, “in that we put a lot more time into thinking about the production, whereas previously we’d rehearse the shit out of the songs in the way we’d play them live. We took all these songs and stripped them back to the start.”

“A lot of it was about taking things away that weren’t actually helping the song, and letting other things shine through, but also adding simple things like extra guitars and vocals if we wanted other things in there. So we were a lot more prepared in that way even if we weren’t as rehearsed as we were for the previous one,” he said.

Here Comes The Rooster plan to head back in the studio in January 2022 with another half dozen songs taking shape. “We’re not trying to be famous or anything. We just wanna write good songs.”

Here Comes The Rooster launch Godzilla Illa Illa on Saturday, September 4, at The Aardvark with support from Queen Hyena, Them Spacey Dogs and Unicorn. Tickets available from

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