Help Stop Blake Bumping Into Things

Blake Hate, Emu Xperts Pic: Kelvin Craig
Blake Hate, Emu Xperts
Pic: Kelvin Craig

Osborne Park Bowling Club

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A paving slab to the drummer’s foot knocked Loners off the line-up and after a few false starts due to disobedient equipment Tooth & Claw finally got things underway with a short set of their bluesy, swampy, dirty rock that wouldn’t be out of place on a bill with The Drones and Kill Devil Hills.

Yokohomos livened things up with a highly energised set topped off with a cover of the Voidoids’ Blank Generation at the end.

Emu Xperts blazed a big rock trail with I’m An Expert and followed through with Dexy’s Midnight Hummers and Romance (Wear The Pants). If you like the Scandinavian rock/punk sounds of Turbonegro, Gluecifer, etc, these guys are for you. Short on length, but big on quality and thunderous guitar.

Catbrush sound like the word suggests. They’ve got a slinky groove going on with plenty of fur on it.

The caveman sludge of Cavalier was next on the menu, serving up a sound reminiscent of the Melvins and early Nirvana, with a dash of Black Sabbath/Blue Oyster Cult sauce. Very chunky. They’re a bit like some of the other grungy kinda bands around town at the moment, except that they have riffs. Heavy ones. To Be With You was a highlight of a set that was topped off with a cover of Fang’s The Money Will Roll Right In.

Aborted Tortoise are one of the best bands in town and playing often enough that there’s no excuse to sleep on them. Half of their set is straight up punk rock and the other half is like ’60s garage punk with some very tasteful guitar work.

This was the Painkillers’ second gig as a four piece and they’ve developed into something very substantial. Reminiscent of bands from late ’70s New York, the veterans pumped out a short but very enjoyable set, topped off with Blake Hate joining them for an apt version of Drunk On A Train.

The Pissedcolas mix punk/hardcore with stoner rock, which is not easy to pull off as well as they do. Play a good riff. Repeat until listeners’ ears are bludgeoned. Very impressive.

Recent Spinning Top signee Peter Bibby has brought his prodigious talent back to Perth for a run of shows and Fucking Teeth is one of his punkier outlets. Raw and scrappy with well written songs, be sure to catch them while you can.

This show was a benefit for the eyesight of Blake from the Reptilians/Emu Xperts and it was lovely to see such a huge venue attended well. The fundraising was very much a success. The vast expanse of the bowls club has proven to be an excellent venue with nicely priced drinks, sheltered outdoor areas and a friendly, casual atmosphere.