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Havana Brown


Australian DJ Havana Brown has released her first studio album, Flashing Lights, which includes previously released original tracks, We Run The Night and Big Banana that propelled her to international acclaim.

The jungley, grungy Ba*Bing is killer, with Brown channelling her ‘don’t fuck with me’ vibe in a fierce (yeah I used it) track both lyrically and musically – just delightful. Naughty is a fun club track we’re likely to be hearing on dancefloors soon. Brown’s collaboration tracks are also quality – Last Night is an absolute banger and much preferred over her more sentimental, pop songs like You’ll Be Mine and Someone To Love. 

But it’s Brown’s (slash Angelique Meunier’s) hot damn, sweet-as-hell DJ mix of the album plus a few of her other tracks (Havana Brown Overdose Mix) that makes this worthwhile. More so than listening to her songs in isolation, the mix showcases her serious skills doing what she does best.

The album’s strength is in its diversity. At times it sounds Rhianna-esque with a bit of Kylie Minogue thrown in; then at others, it features vibes as far apart as dancehall to soul-disco (see the beginning of single, Flashing Lights).

It’s a long album though with some tiring, lacklustre tracks. What’s missed in the first instance (as opposed to on the DJ mix) is how clean and polished it all is. The mix is far more raw in the way its put together. Strange tip – Flashing Lights sounds way better in the morning – possibly a new workout mix?


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