HATCHIE Obsessed gets 8/10

Ivy League


Brisbane dream pop singer Hatchie has brought out yet another beautiful and catchy track from her upcoming album Keepsake out June 21, and you can’t help but get ‘obsessed’ with this latest offering. The track joins the already released singles, Without a Blush and Stay With Me.

Obsessed takes a bit of a turn for Hatchie, as it includes a big beat that seems almost fit for a dancehall, but other parts of the track are signature for a Hatchie song, including the dreamy vibe, which in this track manifests in the bridge with reverbed chords over the strong vocals and lyrics Hatchie is always providing.

The opening line, “Never one to light up the room on entry,” grabs you, and acts as the sound equivalent of someone lighting up the room they walk into… clever. Another line that stands out is “All my friends they cry about being lonely,” which just feels accurate in these times.

The muffled vocals singing the song’s main hook, “I get a little bit obsessed but it’s…” really weasels itself into your brain, and when paired with the other simple lyrics in the chorus, proves just how good Hatchie is at writing effective hooks. Hatchie is yet to take a wrong step, and this track definitely isn’t her first.