HATCHIE @ Mojos Bar gets 8/10

Hatchie @ Mojos Bar
w/ Gauci, DJ Beryl Streep
Friday, 18th October


After many support and festival slots, Hatchie finally treated us to a headline show out west, and it was her best yet. She brought Sydney trio Gauci with her whose disco-pop vibes were a great start to the evening. They played their latest track, In The Night as well as Paradise which gave off some Stranger Things vibes. Their disco take on dream pop was really something special, especially with the dreamy vocals echoing around the tracks.


DJ Beryl Streep played some absolute bangers in between sets, mixing across genres to get everyone having a bit of a boogie before Hatchie hit the stage. The most memorable tracks Streep laid down included New Order’s Blue Monday and The Modern Age from The Stokes’ classic Is This It. 

DJ Beryl Streep

Hatchie faced a sold out crowd when she hit the stage at Mojos, opening with her breakout single Try before moving into EP namesake Sugar & Spice. “We forgot to turn on our stars!” she exclaimed, referring to the little neon stars around the stage. The stars came on, adding an extra little bit of magic as she launched into the first song of the night from her debut album, Keep, which was followed by other album tracks Her Own Heart and title track Keepsake.


 These new tracks shone on stage, and it was great to see the dreamy soundscapes being replicated fairly well into the live setting, the best part being the chimes. Hatchie was not holding back on the vocals, they were the best I’ve seen her do them live to date, and she really showed them off on tracks like Her Own Heart.


The band then went back to EP track Sleep before launching into Unwanted Guest, the danciest track from her album, and it definitely got some heads shaking and hips moving. The last few songs were a run of hits starting with Obsessed and Without A Blush. By now more of the crowd were dancing or swaying, which admittedly fits a bit more with the music, and singing along. Stay With Me was a highlight of the night, Hatchie’s voice sounded incredible on this track, and the emotion was felt in every word. She closed with Sure which had people singing along, letting us sit with the line “Do you even think about me?” which ends the song.


Overall, Hatchie’s first headline show in WA was a little bit dreamy and a little bit magic – she brought her best. It would have been nice to hear tracks like Bad Guy and Not That Kind, but the setlist she played was also pretty incredible. Hopefully next time she can play for a little longer, because it was a dream I wasn’t ready to wake up from.


Photos by Adrian Thomson