Harts | Photo by Rachael Barrett
Harts | Photo by Rachael Barrett

Buddy Phoenix and Lucky Luke/The Floors


Friday, June 12, 2015

If a good show is one which leaves your ears ringing for hours afterwards, then Harts’ first ever show in Perth at Amplifier Bar on Friday was a success.

Setting the tone for the night was guitar and drum duo who called themselves Buddy Phoenix and Lucky Luke. The melodic guitar riffs and energetic drum beats engaged the gathering crowd with good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll.

Second act The Floors brought non-stop sound with grungier three piece rock. With long hair flying they played a selection of noisy, high energy, guitar driven songs.

As Harts set up his gear onstage in a blue duffel coat and grey scarf the anticipation in the crowd grew. Then off came the coat and scarf to reveal a leather jacket and he and drummer Emmanuel Bourakis got straight into the set. As it was his first ever Perth show he told us that because he didn’t get to tour his last album, Daydream, in our part of the country, the setlist was being made up on the spot to include songs that album as well from his new EP, Breakthrough. As a result we got to experience a good mix of Harts’ funk expertise in songs like Lovers In Bloom and Angels Walk Below as well as his heavier rock hits such as Red & Blue and lead single Breakthrough.

Harts knows how to work a stage and an audience. Adding a drummer to his live act meant he could focus on keys and guitar, using looping machines to create a full sound. The infectious funk beats and rock choruses got the crowd dancing non-stop throughout the set and Harts was even able to get the audience to sing the lyrics on their own at one point. His guitar solos got the biggest reaction, as Harts strode up and down the stage displaying both his immense skill on the instrument and his showmanship, squatting into classic rock star poses and, near the end of the set, playing an entire bridge with his guitar behind his head.

With the set less than an hour long, the crowd could have heard Harts play for much longer. It was a short but packed demonstration of Harts’ abilities to provide great music and a great show that most definitely left collective ears ringing in a good way. It can only be bigger venues and bigger crowds for Harts in the not so distant future.