Hands like Houses


Rise Records

There was an enjoyed cluster of energy provided in Hands like Houses’ 2012 LP Ground Dwellers, which was loaded with incredible sounds and endless ideas. Their latest release, Unimagine, has taken a simpler approach, with a stronger and tighter sound that showcases the bands improvement and uniqueness.

The album is highlighted by solid instrumentation, with each member having a specific purpose, preventing the tracks from being overloaded or in your face. The sounds interact and flow fluidly, while still maintaining their signature high-energy emotion in songs such as Introduced Species and ShapeShifters.

Trenton Woodley’s vocals are still incredibly powerful and fore-fronted, highlighted in tracks such as the piano-driven Oceandust and A Fire On The Hill. His vocals aren’t his only talent. His superb lyrics avoid whingy clichés whilst still being emotively gripping, a talent many bands are failing to find these days.

It’s been a great year for Australian rock-pop bands and Hands Like Houses have taken no time following suit. With Unimagine being their second release, it’s exciting to ponder the endless possibilities of a third LP.