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HANDBRAKE Chaos Controlled for one night only

Hans Bruechle aka Handbrake will be debuting the opening of his first solo exhibition at a refurbished warehouse space in East Perth this Saturday, March 10. Chaos Controlled promises to feature everything we love like street art, skating, street and music culture and more amalgamated into one colourful and exciting space. If you’re not usually one for exploring art, we’d suggest you give it a crack with this extremely limited showing.

Handbrake has collaborated with iconic companies globally, creating custom pieces for brands such as McDonalds, headphones for Skullcandy, hockey sticks for Lycan Hockey, surfboard fins for pro surfer Josh Kerr, and works for actor Dan Aykroyd. Chaos Controlled showcases Hans’ diversity across two nights only (one is already sold out) and promises to be an artistic adventure.

Drawing on inspiration from graffiti, pop and urban art and the street, WA local Bruechle enjoys blurred lines and inspiring others through his art. You get one chance to get onto this good thing and given it won’t cost you a cent it’s not a bad way to start a Saturday night. Get some culture into you. Support local artists. Do the thing.

Handbrake presents his first solo exhibition Chaos Controlled this Saturday, March 10 at 47 Cheriton Street, East Perth.

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