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HAIM Women In Music Pt. III gets 9/10

Women In Music Pt. III


The third album by Haim was meant to be released earlier in the year, but like many things in 2020, was delayed due to COVID-19. The three sisters that make up Haim weren’t idle during this time as they were interviewed on late night TV shows, released a couple of homemade music videos, delivered dance classes through Zoom and posted guitar tutorials online. All of this did little to satiate the appetite for their album Women In Music Pt. III. 

When the album finally surfaced a few weeks ago, there has already been 6 singles, including The Steps which is going to be difficult to shift as the finest song (and video) released this year. Women In Music Pt III isn’t a great departure from Haim’s previous records, it’s just better. The songs are instantly relatable and the production is outstanding – particularly the drums, which is becoming a signature of the band. 

Women In Music Pt. III opens on Los Angeles with is a timely homage to their hometown. The upbeat track is full of pop nuggets that reveal themselves with each repeated listen, from the band adding a comical retort of ‘nope’ when speaking of New York and the buried crowd noise and piano lines. Up From a Dream revolves around the solid type of bass line that is Este Haim’s bread and butter, whilst delivering a tune that owes as much to glam rock as is does to the bands pop smarts. 

There are some little sprinklings of country tropes throughout the album whether it be in the siblings’ vocal delivery or lyrics about boots and passenger seats. This dalliance culminates in the stripped back Leaning on You that sits somewhere between Fleetwood Mac’s Songbird and early Taylor Swift. Man From the Magazine sees Danielle Haim delving into the folk genre and channeling the vocal style of Joan Baez. It is the ability of the band to shift styles from the more traditional to moments of modern R&B without ever losing their pop sensibility that shows their talent and adds to their appeal. 

Women In Music Pt III is the result of Haim delivering on their strengths, while still striving for more. There are enough infectious melodies here to make the record a bunch of fun, whilst it is also the most layered and challenging of the band’s career. It is this fact that makes it an outstanding record, and creates even more anticipation for what they will do next. 


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