HAIM The Steps gets 10/10

The Steps


The Haim sisters announced this week that their impending third album, out April 24, will be titled Women In Music Part III. As a teaser they have released new song The Steps, their fourth single in the past 12 months and it continues their run of hook laden pop tunes. 

Eldest sibling Danielle Haim is the band leader and takes centre stage during The Steps. Her penchant for recording the drums at double speed so as they sound thicker when played at the song’s correct tempo again pays dividends, with a percussive depth of sound that belies its simplicity. 

In any other band Este and Alana Haim would be the front person, but in this band of siblings, they are eclipsed by the force of nature that is Danielle Haim. That said, Este gets a moment during the bridge to show off her impeccable bass skills with a signature melodic punch, while Alana contributes pin point harmonies and rhythm guitar. 

During the song (like its powerful video below), Haim address the notion that although they may not be the perfect partner, it is better to be fearless and true to oneself. The point is driven home during the verses with overdriven lead guitar that shows the band to be enthusiastic students of classic rock. 

The Steps has a whole lot of great ingredients to be the high point of Haim’s output to date, and perfect on its own merit.