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HAIM Something To Tell You gets 7.5/10

Something To Tell You


What really separates HAIM from a lot of mainstream pop rock bands in 2017 is that they are extremely good at what they do. Love them or hate them, there is no denying this sister act has flawless talents very hard to find in this particular musical era. Following debut album Days Are Gone all the way back in 2013, they have been able to break the mainstream with Something to Tell You, while keeping true to their roots. 

The album opens with Want You Back, a single that I imagine would be used on summer day road trips down the coast or on your way to a house party to ease you in. Paying homage to Sheryl Crow on the bass guitar, the Haim sisters ooze honesty and are straight forward with the songwriting on this track. It has a chorus that sticks like glue, making you feel relaxed and taking you back to past memories of wanting something you have regretted losing. 

Ready For You sounds very similar to Want You Back. The album loses a bit of flow, but picks up where it left off with Something to Tell You, the title track. It makes you feel all the feels with the opening lyrics “On the way down, a fall from grace, I was in for a heavy one when I could feel you pull away,” making the absolute agony that comes with rejection sound relatable. The ambient echoes of the synth in the background really sets the atmospheric electric feel of the track, sometimes leaving goosebumps with the backing vocals “I was innocent”. This track makes really easy and enjoyable listening, especially for first timers who may be trying to discover what HAIM is really all about. 

Kept Me Crying is introduced with marching band drumming and the wailing lyrics “I was your lover, I was your friend, now I’m only someone you call, when it’s late enough to forget,” taking us back to the drunken late nights when you reach out for comfort from someone who doesn’t feel the same as you. The ending of this track is really strong, with a fuzzed guitar lick solo fading out and complimenting the harmonic background voices. Found It in Silence is a standout track on the album. The introduction sounds a lot like the creak of a door opening, similar to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The song then takes a different road with orchestral-like instrumentals guiding us into the song. The outro is the perfect ending, really uplifting with the strong message of “No turning back, I know whats good for me”. A very empowering song indeed. 

Penultimate track Right Now, an early promo single, is one of the most simple yet effective tracks. HAIM start of slowly with simple keys and cymbal hits, flowing into a “did you think this would be easy, thought it would be easy”, then picking up with “Now you saying that you need me, babe”. Assuming this is a break up song, HAIM’s powerful finish really tugs on the heart strings, making you miss someone you had or may have not even met yet. The cymbals are then met with thumping drum beats, finishing the song with class. 

Closing track Night So Long pays homage to “saying goodbye to love once more”, delivering messages of heartache and yet finding yourself in all the chaos. There is no denying that on HAIM’s second album, at least one of the songs will get you humming and banging the steering wheel in the car. HAIM execute journeys in their music, taking us along for the ride. 


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